1. Look for an agency that is compatible with your families needs. 
  2. Always make sure to be 100% honest with the agency about your family. This way they will know exactly what you need!
  3. If you’re not exactly sure what you would be wanting from the nanny, then work with the agency to develop a clear job description.
  4.  Feel free to tell the agency what qualities you wish your nanny to have. Such has her personality, schooling, and their past job experience.
  5. Make sure to keep in contact with your agency, and check in on how things are going.
  6.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the agency’s expertise. They are there to help you with any questions you may have.
  7. Make sure you are asking your nannies the correct questions. The agency experts can help you figure out what questions you should be asking. 
  8. Don’t forget to talk with a candidates references. Although your agency does this for you, it never hurts for you to hear first-hand about the candidate.
  9. Use your agency representative as a sounding board. You’ll have lots of questions during the hiring process.
  10.  Go what your instincts are telling you. The agency is just a way to guide you, in the end the decision is yours.