Tipping for the Holidays
Nannies & Housekeepers
A full time nanny or housekeeper can usually expect a holiday bonus of one or two weeks salary. This is typical of families. Some will get more (sometimes less) but this is the protocol. They care for your home and children and nothing is more valuable. Other bonuses can include trips to the employees home for Christmas or jewelry or a computer gadget, a gift card, home made goodies from the kids. While those are generous bonuses, an extra week’s salary is the typical tip. Anyway of expressing your appreciation and gratitude will be appreciated.

What about vacation time? Most nannies and full time housekeepers do not work Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Years. Families should respect the holidays and give their employees this time off. Should you need your nanny’s services these days, plan to compensate them at least time and a half or more. Many nannies also take their vacation between Christmas and New Year’s to coincide with family vacations or when children are off from school. If you plan on taking your nanny or housekeeper on vacation with you , you still need to pay them. If you need a replacement nanny while while your nanny is on vacation, Prepare in advance by coordinating to have temporary care ready while your nanny is away.
Remember to show your domestic help some love and appreciation. They are part of your family.

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Happy Holidays!
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