What do you do in case of a medical emergency this summer? The time to talk about what to do in an emergency is before anything happens. Some situations, like when a broken bone is suspected or your child is having a severe allergic reaction, clearly require immediate medical attention and your nanny should know to call 911 or immediately take your child to the emergency room.

Let your nanny know what you want her to do if your child gets hurt or sick. Do you want her to treat your child based on her own judgment or do you want her to contact you and wait for instructions? If you’re not immediately available, how long should she wait before taking action? Being clear about who the decision maker is in advance is the best way to make sure your child gets the type of treatment you want for her.

Leave several phone numbers of friends, relatives and neighbors to contact should you not be home. Leave this on the fridge or someplace visible. Keep a supply of anti itch, and other non prescription items available.

Be safe and enjoy the warm months!