A Housekeeper’s primary responsibility is to keep your home clean. Most Housekeepers are responsible for heavy cleaning as well as the daily or weekly tasks required to keep a home presentable. Housekeepers work in a variety of home environments ranging from full-time Housekeepers who work as part of a multi-staff home to a Housekeeper who maintains a home once or twice per week.

We know how important the safety of your family and your home is. We work hard to screen all of our Housekeepers and check every reference.

We practice “full disclosure” which means that we share all pertinent information about candidates with our clients so that you can make a fully informed hiring decision.

Just as important as keeping your home safe, we work closely with you to understand your family’s unique needs so that we can match you with a Housekeeper who will be a great fit.

The duties of a Housekeeper may include:


  • Upkeep of the interior of the home and the immediate areas
  • Polishing furniture, vacuuming washing floors, cleaning kitchen and baths
  • Laundering clothes and household items
  • Changing sheets and maintaining household linens
  • Polishing the silver
  • Upkeep of outside patios, porches and walks


  • Assisting with the cooking and serving for special events

Possible Additional Duties

  • Ironing
  • Managing household supplies
  • Occasional or backup childcare
  • Caring for household pets
  • Running errands, such as grocery shopping
  • Mending clothes


Compensation for a housekeepers is usually based on two factors: the amount of experience your housekeeper brings to the position and the duties included in the  job description. We can help you determine the appropriate compensation that will work for your family and the housekeeper.


Full-time housekeepers who live in the home work between 35 and 55 hours per week and earn between $650.00- %1500.00 on average depending on state. Full-time housekeepers who live outside the home work more than 35 hours per week and typically earn $15.00 to $35.00 per hour. Part-time housekeepers generally work between 20 and 35 hours per week and likewise earn $15.00 -$35.00 per hour. All varies on experience and state where hiring.