An Executive Housekeeper oversees the overall appearance and cleanliness of a formal or multi-staffed household. An Executive Housekeeper has specialized knowledge in housekeeping, cleaning and caring for fine furnishing, valuables and artwork and typically has experience working in multi-staff and large homes with many demands. Executive Housekeepers must have excellent communications skills as well as a professional demeanor and appearance.

The duties of an Executive Housekeeper may include completing the tasks below as well as supervising, training or assisting additional housekeepers or other staff.

  • Cleaning
    • Supervise and train other Housekeepers in the home
    • Upkeep of the interior of the home and the immediate areas
    • Polishing furniture, vacuuming/washing floors, cleaning kitchen and baths
    • Performing deep cleaning tasks or supervising other staff to ensure deep cleaning is done properly
    • Laundering clothes and other household items
    • Changing sheets and maintaining household linens
    • Polishing the silver
    • Upkeep of outside areas such as patios, porches and walks
  • Cooking
    • Assisting with the cooking and serving for special events
  • Possible Additional duties
    • Ironing
    • Managing household supplies
    • Occasional or backup childcare
    • Caring for household pets
    • Running Errands, such as grocery shopping
    • Sewing


Compensation for an Executive Housekeeper is usually based on two factors: the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position and the duties and hours included in the Executive Housekeeper’s job description.


Full-time Executive Housekeepers typically earn between $60,000 and $85,000 . Part-time Executive Housekeeper typically earn between $30.00 and $35.00 per hour. Rates vary depending on state.