A Baby Nurse provides loving care for babies, usually at night, so new parents can get much needed rest. Noble Nanny baby Nurses are very experienced and most have been working with our agency for years. Baby Nurses can provide expert assistance in your baby’s first weeks and months during the post-delivery recovery period. A baby nurse can live in and work 24/7 or come in at night. A Baby Nurse, also known as Newborn Specialist, can help new parents in a wide variety of ways, including helping your baby adjust to sleeping and feeding schedules, providing burping and swaddling techniques, as well as assistance with lactation, changing, bathing, infant laundry and sterilizing bottles.

We know how important the health and safety of your newborn is. We work hard to screen all of our Baby Nurses and check every reference.  Due to the short-term nature of Baby Nurse positions, we have worked with most of our Baby Nurses for many years and have placed them on multiple assignments with clients, so we have an opportunity to get to know them extremely well. As with all of our placements, we practice “full disclosure,” which means that we share all pertinent information about candidates with our clients so that you can make a fully informed hiring decision. We will also follow up with you after our Baby Nurse has completed her work for you so that we can include your feedback as part of her reference file.

It is important to us that you feel confident that the Baby Nurse you hire will keep your baby safe and well cared for. We also work closely with you to understand your unique needs so that we can match you with a Baby Nurse who will be a great fit.

The duties of a Baby Nurse may include:

  • Feeding by bottle or bringing baby to Mom for nursing
  • Changing
  • Laundering infant clothes
  • Sterilizing bottles
  • Burping and settling newborn back to sleep after feeding
  • Helping to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for baby during waking hours
  • Documenting baby’s patterns, including sleeping log and feeding and changing times
  • Transitioning baby to a regular feeding schedule
  • Formulating a sleep schedule
  • Educating parents about care for twins, triplets, etc.
  • Providing parental guidance and support
  • Consulting on lactation issues


Compensation for a Baby Nurse is usually based on the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position. We can help you determine the appropriate compensation that will work for your family and the Baby Nurse.


The salary range for a Baby Nurse is $25.00 to $35.00 per hour for a single newborn, and typically $35.00 to $40.00 per hour for twins. Baby Nurse salaries vary from state to state, for instance baby nurses in New Jersey and New York may have different pay scales then baby nurses in Southern Florida.