Providing the Finest Domestic Services to your Family

Noble Nanny
is a domestic staffing agency established over 15 years ago in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Since then we have expanded to Florida and the northeast area. Thank you for trusting Noble Nanny with all your domestic needs and making us the # 1 agency in the area.

Our placement specialists have over 15 years of experience in assessing the needs of the family, working with children in a variety of settings, and taking part in creating a healthy and nurturing home environment.

Giving you peace of mind is our number one priority. Whether you are looking for a live in nanny, part time babysitter, gourmet chef your satisfaction is what has built Noble Nanny’s reputation to be the most dedicated team working for you.

Noble Nanny offers a high standard of service with integrity and commitment. We are proud to represent the highest quality of staff for your needs. All applicants have undergone the most thorough screening available including criminal background checks and in depth interview questions with a member of our team.

Our clientele ranges from working families to high profile celebrities. At Noble Nanny we treat everyone as if they are a celebrity and your privacy is confidential with us.

We look forward to providing you with the experience and talents of our professionals and having a lasting relationship for all your domestic needs.

  • You picked the perfect match for our family on the very first try. In just a short time, we have grown to trust and welcome the selection you made into our family. She is so wonderful with our son and daughter. Thank you for sending us the perfect fit and for knowing what we were looking for.
    Mrs. M. : Bedford, NY
  • When we were desperate to find a nanny, Noble Nanny did an amazing job. We had previously used another agency and had to fire our first nanny after one week. Because we both work, we were desperate to find someone good, and quickly!. Noble Nanny was recommended to us by a friend, and they exceeded our high expectations in every way. We spoke with Lisa and she was extremely focused on finding out what type of person we were looking for . She was a great listener, and then immediately went to work. Within a day, we were already interviewing candidates. It was apparent that a very thorough screening process had already been performed by Noble Nanny with our specific needs in mind. We chose one of the 4 candidates, and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has been with us for 2 years and we hope she stays for many years. We love Ruth and again thank you for bringing her into our home.
    Mrs. Z. : Warren, NJ
  • Lisa and Jan we are forever grateful to you for helping us find our nanny. Not only did you find us someone who met our unique needs, but you did so within a week. Our nanny is wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to find the right person for us. We really felt that we did not meet with candidates just looking for a job. We met with a few candidates who not only fit the job description. You really listen to what we needed and did not send candidates that did not fit the bill. We appreciate you not wasting our time and really listening to our needs.
    Mr. and Mrs. A. : Boca Raton, FL
  • Noble Nanny is the greatest! I was lost after my nanny left without notice . Jan conducted numerous interviews and put candidates through a strict selection process. Thanks to a nanny from the park who referred me to Noble Nanny , I hired a wonderful lady after interviewing 3 women.
    Mrs. R. : NYC, NY
  • I can't thank you enough for your prompt and efficient help in finding a live-in nanny. I had virtually given up hope after using several other agencies and interviewing countless candidates.  Your professionalism and enthusiasm made a very hard process much easier on my husband and I!
    Mr. and Mrs. W. : Brooklyn, NY
  • I have been with my current family in Frankin Lakes, NJ for 5 years. I got the job with Noble Nanny 5 years ago. They still call me to see how things are going. They are the most loyal agency that not only cares about the family but for the nanny equally. They also have great jobs with nice families.
    Regina : NJ
  • As a nanny I tried online sites and felt lost and overwhelmed. I was not sure what the going rate for nannies in Forida was as well as many other questions. After finding Noble Nanny, all of my questions were answered. Lisa was amazing and got me the nanny job of my dreams.
    Beth : WPB, FL
  • The staff was AMAZING! There was always someone to help. They are really efficient! I started my search with another agency and wasn't’ satisfied. As soon as I sent my application to Noble Nanny, I received a call (30 minutes maximum after I submitted my application!) I was really impressed! That day I had resumes to review and all were a perfect fit. I hired a wonderful nanny that has been with my family for 3 years. It was worth every penny spent! Noble Nanny staff, THANK YOU!
    Mrs. F. Livingston : NJ
  • I really do want to emphasize how much we love working with the staff at Noble Nanny . This is our third nanny search but the first time we have opted to work with Noble Nanny exclusively because we feel the staff and service is so far superior to other agencies we have worked with. I really cannot say enough positive things. They really care and make you feel like you are a VIP!
    Mrs. V. Hoboken : New Jersey
  • Noble Nanny has helped us find two wonderful nannies for our daughter and a housekeeper. Our children love them both and my husband and I love them as well. They are easy going, helpful, and very nurturing. The process was so simple. From the second we called, Lisa was warm and friendly and Jan set up all the interviews. This was great because my husband and I both work in NYC. All the candidates they sent us were fabulous and we narrowed it down to two great ladies. Noble Nanny is really the best agency out there and they really love what they do.
    Mrs. G. Alpine : New Jersey
  • Our experience with Noble Nanny has been exceptional.  The staff was so friendly, receptive and thorough in helping us find the perfect fit, and they were helpful and encouraging in helping us iron out details with our nanny.  Our nanny has been a pleasure to have as a part of our family, and we truly appreciate the help we received along the way. We have previously worked with another agency, as well as through an online sitter service and feel that noble nanny was much more of an advocate for families searching for a childcare provider.  It was such a relief to have so much of the legwork done before interviews. Thank you so much for bringing Jackie into our home.
    Mrs C . : Westchester, NY
  • “My wife and I were referred to Noble Nanny Agency in 2013, having had poor experiences with other employment agencies in the past. We found everyone in the office to be a breath of fresh air. The staff has such a positive attitude and professional manner. They immediately gave us a sense of confidence. We had difficulty choosing among the several candidates that were presented. Our final choice turned out to be exactly what we wanted. We felt that she had been thoroughly vetted and that gave us a lot of confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Noble Nanny Agency to any friend.”
    Mrs. W. East : Hampton, NY
  • "Our nanny Karina is absolutely heaven-sent! My wife and I are very lucky to have someone we completely trust with our son and daughter. We are able to carry on with our days without a single worry knowing she is in great hands. Noble nanny is a great company that clearly puts due diligence in their selection process of only the best nannies in town. We have recently used them for elder care for my mother in law and they found a dedicated , loving HHA for my MIL. We are grateful for having such an agency.
    Mrs. A. : Morristown, NJ
  • We used Noble Nanny to help us find a nanny for our 3 month old and 3 year old.  Lisa and Jan are so easy to work with and listened to all of our wants and desires and sent us wonderful candidates to interview.  They followed up after each interview and based off our feedback fine tuned our candidates to exactly what we were looking for. They are so easy to talk too and no matter how many calls or emails they got back to us always in a timely fashion  It was so helpful to have the pre-screening done for us since we had our hands full at the time!  We met Gina and she is the best thing that has happened to our family. Our overall experience with Noble Nanny was great and the best part is we found the absolute best Nanny out there!"
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Tenafly : NJ
  • After just having twins, I called Noble Nanny to find a baby nurse. I was so overwhelmed and Lisa put my mind at complete rest. Within 24 hours I had the most wonderful baby nurse that never left. She stayed to be my nanny and 12 years later she is still with me. What a caring team at Noble Nanny that goes over and beyond the call of duty.
    Mrs. S. Franklin Lakes : NJ
  • “It was a wonderful process to interview with Noble Nanny  Lisa and Jan placed me with the perfect family and finding the right job!  The staff is so supremely caring, fast, helpful, and respectful! If I knew working with an agency was this easy, I would have been doing it for the past 13 years instead of attending interviews with so many families that weren’t the right fit.”
    Marie : Full Time Nanny
  • “I came to Noble Nanny and Domestics  unsure of exactly what I wanted to be doing, whether it was household management, a nanny, or both. They were supportive in helping me narrow down exactly what would be the best job for me. They then placed me with an incredible family doing household management and being a nanny. They really worked hard to find the best fit for me and I could not be happier with where I was placed. I can honestly say for the first time that I love my job.”